Bodegas Milenium

Wines from Spain

odegas Milenium is, within the Bodegas Gallegas group, the branch responsible for producing table wine or wine from Spain (VDE) from the best varieties of grapes. At Bodegas Gallegas we have developed a selection of excellent wines without designation of origin and want to dignify it.


The manufacturing process of the different white and red wines from Bodegas Milenium, whether dry or semisweet, begins with the reception of the grapes at the hopper during the harvest... Read More

Bodegas Milenium has an excellent catalogue of wines without Designation of Origin created from the selection and care of the finest varieties of grapes. We offer Red y and White wines

The Bodegas Gallegas group, with over 50 years of experience, has 5 great wineries in Galicia and our wines are present in 60 countries worldwide Read More

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